Friendly N6

This highway offers unique access to a veritable profusion of the finest, and varied, countryside that our country has to offer.   By diverting to the east or the west of the “N6 spine” a whole new world is opened….. 

The Eastern Highlands are home to innumerable rock art sites that can be visited with local guides, as well as indigenous plant viewing and fly-fishing outings.  Birding trips to the region offer the opportunity of seeing unique endemic species.  Mountain bikers and off-road motorcyclists can soak up the mountainous scenery.  Perfect for the 4x4 enthusiast, the ultimate driving adventure is completing “the 8 passes of the Eastern Cape” which include Naude’s Nek, the highest mountain pass in South Africa.

Friendly N6 - Steam engine in Barkly East

For the hunting fraternity, the western section of the route boasts fine plains game hunting opportunities whilst the Highlands offer Greywing Francolin shoots comparable with the best Scottish grouse hunting at a fraction of the cost.

The fine hospitality of the region is found at every stop-over where, more often than not, visitors are regaled with stories relating to the rich history of the undiscovered corners of the Route.  A major attraction is being “off the beaten track”, away from the ‘lemmings’.   Venture off the tar road, move into “chill mode” and be sure to enjoy a visit to this majestic area.