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Last Updated: June 2017

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  • Longitude: 29.735186
  • Latitude: -31.463673
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About Waterfall Bluff & Trail


Everyone wants to see Waterfall Bluff, the iconic waterfall that drops down into the Indian Ocean.  It requires a bit of effort to do this but the rewards are immense.  This remains one of the most exciting walks for the seasoned hiker.  If you do a return trip from the lodge, the distance is 28km

From Mbotyi you walk close to the coast along grassy banks and beach for some 3.5 km before reaching a long sandy beach at Drewe’s Camp.  In the middle of this stretch is the mouth of the Mkhosi River.  Beyond this estuary are two more undisturbed, clear streams.  One has a beautiful waterfall that cascades into a pool.  The route now leaves the beach and hikers ascend up the back of Sugarloaf Hill to a plateau.  Your guide will point out the Eggossa fault to you.  You will skirt the first deep valley.   The only habitation is two huts utilized by herdsman who periodically guide their cattle onto these traditional grazing grounds.  A highlight along this route is to see one of the endemic Mkambati palms, which are indigenous to this area.  Walking along the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean where whales and dolphins abound, you will come across Cathedral Rock, a well- known landmark.  Note the rock cairns left by brave or foolish rock climbers.  After crossing the Mlambomkulu River, with its pristine pools, the trails leads you down to the coast and Waterfall Bluff.  The cliffs form a huge overhanging cave, called Grotto Cave and supplies excellent shade for your tasty packed lunch.  The return route is slightly inland.  Remember to have a swim at the pools.

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