Things to do at Colchester and the Sundays River Mouth
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Last Updated: July 2020

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About Things to do at Colchester and the Sundays River Mouth

Cannonville/Colchester and the Sundays River Mouth is located only about 35 km, or not even 30 minutes drive, from Port Elizabeth along the N2.  The area is a very popular holiday and weekend destination and offers a host of activities based around the Sundays River.  It is also the location of the southern gate into Addo Elephant National Park making it a very popular base for local and international visitors.


Here are 10 Things to do in the Cannonville / Colchester / Sundays River Mouth area and surrounds:


1. Scenic River Cruise / Boat Rides - Take a leisurly cruise down the Sundays River with Sundays River Adventures. Enjoy views of the the river mouth and the Colchester section of the Alexandria dune field.  The cruise offers great bird watching opportunities and a chance to climb to the top of the dunes for a view across Algoa Bay to Port Elizabeth as well as the surrounding dune field.   

2. Sand Boarding - Combine cruising down the Sundays River Valley with the chance to sand board down the giant sand dunes close to the river mouth with Sundays River Adventures.   

3. Addo Elephant National Park - Enter the world famous Addo Elephant National Park from the Colchester side through the southern gate at Camp Matyholweni for a self-drive safari through the park or book a guided tour to view the Big 5 and other animals. 

4. Nanaga Farmstall - No roadtrip west along the N2 from Port Elizabeth or on Route 72 is complete without a stop at the Nanaga Farmstall for their homemade roosterkoek and freshly baked pies, biltong, pineapple juice or a freshly brewed cappuccino to send you on your way. So if its padkos, a snack or quick bite to eat, Nanaga Farmstall is worth a stop.

5. Bird Watching - Bird watching can be done while cruising the river, walking along its banks, visiting Addo Elephant National Park (with over 400 recorded bird species) or just by making the rounds through the area.

6. Water activities on the Sundays River include swimming, fishing, paddling, waterskiing, cruising or just staring out over the river watching the sun set in the west.

7. Dune Hiking - Do a quick hike up the Colcherster dunes while on a cruise with the Sundays River Adventures or go for a longer hike through this magnificent dune field.   

8. Nukakamma Canoe Trail - The only Green Flag canoe trail in the country, the Nukakamma Canoe Trail is a 29 km overnight round trip on the flat water of the Sundays River. The trail is a joy for any lover of nature to behold, with over 210 bird species and abundant wildlife. Stay overnight in the romantic Hudson, a two roomed log cabin and sleep under the stars on the sundeck overlooking the river. It begins and ends in the village of Cannonville. Contact Sundays River Adventures for more info.

9. Fishing - Fishing on the Sundays River and at the Sundays River Mouth is allowed with a valid fishing permit both from the bank as well as from a boat.  Monthly competitions are held for visitors and locals wanting to test their skill against others. 

10: Running / Cycling: The Cannonville / Colchester area offers save running and cycling along it's roads, the towpath on the river's edge, and across the historic Mackay Bridge and onto the Tankatara Road.

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