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Last Updated: June 2019

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About Karoo Space

New Eastern Cape Book from Karoo Space!

MLM Publishers, creators of the bestselling Karoo Keepsakes and Karoo Keepsakes II coffee table books and curators of www.karoospace.co.za have a brand-new product in their stable: Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo.

The book (in both print and Ebook formats) is a newly-styled Traveller’s Companion that focusses on the travelling route within our region: the Karoo Heartland or Eastern Cape Midlands.

It has been designed as a lifestyle portal and traveller’s guide, with 130 items covering the 14 towns and villages of the area and proposing a brand new 1 000km oval-shaped journey to be marketed as “the most authentic road trip route in South Africa”.

The real delight of this project is that the authors, Julienne du Toit and Chris Marais, say they are not creating anything here that doesn’t already exist. "All the route elements are here – we are just linking them up."

The book is sold from more than 50 outlets in the region, from gateway towns and from select shops in major South African cities.

It is also available from www.karoospace.co.za.

Not only is Road Tripper Eastern Cape Karoo be an exciting insight into life in the Eastern Cape Karoo, it contains an exhaustive Directory at the back of the book, listing more than 240 products and services.

"The book is designed to take the reader from being an armchair traveller to the region, to being an active traveller who uses it to plan trips. The book is aimed at road trippers: motorcycle groups, families, couples and younger travelling adventurers.



Karoo Space – Karoo Keepsakes I & II

Cradock-based Main Line Media Publishers, creators of www.karoospace.co.za, have spent the last decade collecting invaluable content on the Karoo and its cross-over zones with the Kalahari.

Karoo Space has everything you need to trade with, travel through, or stay in the vast Karoo. And its content base is set to grow every week.

The site displays a wealth of travel information, spreads on more than 100 towns, blogs, lifestyle sections, festival features, news items and insightful articles on issues affecting the Karoo.

There are creature features, people profiles and a Your Karoo section where viewers tell their own Karoo story – illustrated specially by the Karoo Space team.

Karoo Space links everyone living in this great area of South Africa to each other and the rest of the world.

The upgraded website carries the stylish hallmarks of one of the country’s leading boutique art studios, Inkfish of Kalk Bay. The people from Inkfish have also designed Karoo KeepsakesII, the latest in Main Line Media’s best-selling coffee table travel companions to the Dry Country.

In addition, the hundreds of useful, entertaining items about the Karoo are connected to Karoo Space’s social media outlets (like www.karoospace.co.za on Facebook and Twitter) and site users have lots of ways of commenting on stories, adding their own experiences and talking directly to the creators, authors and photojournalists Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit.

Viewers are urged to find some time in their day and settle down to a real Karoo Kuier (long stoep visit) with www.karoospace.co.za – from the ostrich farms of the Little Karoo to the Nama Karoo villages in the Richtersveld and all points in-between.