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Last Updated: March 2017

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  • Longitude: 25.619022846222
  • Latitude: -32.170962836413
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About Things to do in and around Cradock

The town of Cradock is situated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.  Cradock was founded in 1813 on the banks of the Great Fish River to cater for the migratory farmers who settled in this ruggedly beautiful area with its excellent grazing, abundant water and healthy climate. Cradock is a thriving agricultural community which specialises in the production of wool, mohair and in cattle farming.

Cradock is the principle town of the Karoo Heartland Route and an important agricultural centre.  The town boasts fine architecture and a number of important monuments and museums.  The area was considered strategically important by the early 19th century settlers, and this heritage is reflected in many of the well-preserved buildings.  With the Fish River flowing past the town and the Mountian Zebra National Park just down the road Cradock doesn't just cater for the history buffs but also nature lovers and activity seekers.


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Top 10 attractions in Cradock

1.            Die historic Tuishuise & Victoria Manor

2.            Mountain Zebra National Park

3.            Museums - Schreiner House Museum and Fish River Museum

4.            Schreiner Grave

5.            Cradock Dutch Reformed Mother Church and other historic churches

6.            Cradock Four Monument

7.            Graveyard Tour

8.            Cradock Walking Tour

9.            Lowlands Farm

10.          San (Bushmen) Etching and Paintings


Top 10 activities in Cradock

1.            Cheetah Tracking at Mountain Zebra National Park

2.            Hiking Trails

3.            4x4

4.            Abseil

5.            White Water Raft

6.            Canoeing

7.            Tubing

8.            Fly Fishing

9.            Golf

10.          Horse Riding


Top 10 Cultural Attractions in Cradock

1.            Xhosa Singing

2.            Makweta ceremonies (men only)

3.            Township Tour

4.            Cradock Four Monuments

5.            Voortrekker Monument

6.            Oxwagons at the Fish River Museum

7.            Stoep Stories

8.            Huis Konserte

9.            Church Services

10.          San Etchings and Paintings


Top 10 Nature Attractions in Cradock

1.            Mountain Zebra National Park

2.            Commando Drift Dam

3.            Lake Arthur

4.            Fish River – canoe, raft, tube, fish

5.            Egg Rock

6.            Pred-a-Tours ( small cat conservation)

7.            Cradock Nature Reserve (fallow dear)

8.            Bird Watching

9.            Star gazing

10.          Farm Tours


Top 10 dates in Cradock      

FEBRUARY - Tjaart Vorster Tennis Tournament,  Tarkastad Show

MARCH - Athletics, Marlow Rugby

APRIL - Karoo Food Festival

JULY - Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival

AUGUST - Marilee Moolman Tennis Tournament

SEPTEMBER - Pre-Fish River Canoe Marathon,  Tennis (Veterans) Tournament

OCTOBER - Fish River Canoe Marathon, Bedford Garden Festival

NOVEMBER - Cradock Agricultural Show

DECEMBER - Lion Motorbike Rally

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